Fun and Exciting Non-Exclusive Dates, Maryland Style

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By , August 7, 2020 1:03 am

Speed dating in the United States has spread wide in entirety all over the numerous states, and venues with dating ambience sell like a consumers’ piece of commodity in a large department store, or in a super mart.

Maryland caters to such speed dating for the busy middle-aged or younger professionals alike, the elderly senior citizens, and those youth in the Universities, naming particularly e.g., the University of Maryland. Speed dating has open a most favorable setting for fun seekers, lonely individuals, and especially those busy people who find it hard to deviate socializations with people other than their daily colleagues that bind bridges in-between familiarity and monotony; or, due to long-term acquaintances, posing for acknowledged brotherly/sisterly-mode relationships.

However, in most cases, those who patronize the practice of the modern-day speed dating are really those seekers for future partners in life.

Subjectively, a respective view of each speed dater could be considered depending on their motives, or reasons behind why they enlist in such planned groups or one in one dating. Various reasons lie behind each individual, and causes always go to the basic instinct in humans, “gregariousness” in relation to his environment. The need to socialize, and the core, is to get an intimate dealing with another of his kind; a friend, a life partner, or whoever may suit his need.

Classifying the Individual Need in Speed Dating from Several Group Categories:

1. The Teenagers in the Universities and other Young singles – These group go for speed dating; which for them, it open new experiences, new level approach as part of growth and development. Some visions at experimentations that go with excitement when experiencing new type of social approach, or atmosphere other than in their homes and with childhood friends.

2. The Corporate Professionals/Middle-aged and other Busy Young Single Employees – They are self-sufficient in their own rights, have consumed so much hours enclosed in the confines of corporate offices; and are accomplished contributors to the growth of their respective companies. They have forgotten they are also humans, only to find out later they had outgrown with age in prioritizing their career interests rather than on their personal lives.

Also, those other employees who no longer have the opportunity to go socializing for reason that they might miss their first encounters with their chosen career opportunities. Professionals who outgrown in age because of the responsibilities, they fear to neglect for it might devaluate any high rank post of aspirations in the corporate environment. All these are reasons; why in the long run, they seek speed dating as the quickest way coping with lost times, and capitalizing the greater chance of finding partners amidst busiest atmosphere in their lives.

3. The Senior Citizens – They maybe widowers, widows, divorced, and aged singles (in youth let time passed over) let alone to themselves because of this or that reasons. Speed dating offers a lot of chances for them to makeover for past and lost experiences. The widower/widow or divorced find it fulfilling to prospect at having another life in order to move on. And the aged single will find it exiting to experience this in his old age and later realized how silly it was to have lost such portion in life.

Generally, one has to figure out, what about having speed dating popularly favored in the 21st century society. For those aforementioned people in their respective categories and ages, speed-dating practice sounds relevant and offers par degree advantage.

Love and Romance in the Queen’s City

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By , August 3, 2020 5:34 pm

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and it is one the most important business and financial hubs in the globe. Needless to say, London is a very cosmopolitan melting pot of culture and character from different parts of the world. London also boasts of the largest population among other cities of the European Union. Given all this about London, how is one to find that special someone to connect with share the beauty of the city with?

Finding romance and a relationship can be quite a challenge in this city because the fast and hectic lifestyle that naturally permeates this area can make it difficult for interested singles to find the time to go through the whole process of the traditional dating game scenario. What’s more is that even if one could find time to set aside for date prospecting, the challenge of finding the right single in the right demographic with the right personality and interests that you are looking for can be daunting to find. After all, the city is so large and how can you meet other singles that you haven’t met before within your own circle?

Speed dating in London seems to be the answer to all these questions that will finally help you find that romance that will make your life so much more interesting and colorful. Speed dating services in London bring eligible singles together in one venue and each participant gets to meet everyone else.

Each speed dater only get a few minutes ranging from 3 minutes to 8, depending on the speed dating event organizer. However, countless experience from past dates tell us that all it takes is a few minutes for us to be able to decide whether we want to further invest hours to continue talking to this person. In this way, speed dating allows us to weed out the individuals we know we won’t click with and allow us to quickly form a prospect list or even better, this process of speed dating helps us narrow in to one individual that may just be “the one”.

It is key to a successful speed dating experience to be able to choose the speed dating service and event in London that is right for you. Choose the more popular speed dating service providers so that you know that you will find a wider range of choice singles when you attend their events.

Also, be sure to take the speed dating concept out of the box even further by finding interesting speed dating activities that you can join. Stay alert for special speed dating events that offer ones for special interest groups. You can find a speed dating event for almost any kind of group like for lawyers, gay and lesbians, sports enthusiast and the like.

Whatever the case, with the proliferation and continued popularity of speed dating in London, you can be assured that more and more eligible singles will be joining these activities and if you have the time to invest enough time to attend one, you’re sure to find one or two extremely interesting individuals to send your heart on the path to romance. If you have almost given up on dating and finding romance, speed dating in London may just be the thing to invigorate your hope.

Speed Dating in the City of Baltimore

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By , July 31, 2020 10:45 am

Baltimore is the biggest city in the state of Maryland. It boasts of being one of the most friendliest places in the country which is why more than 14 million tourists frequent the area making some call it charm city.

Those who are looking for love but are too shy to go out or are tied up with work may be able to see it happen by signing up on a speed dating service. Trained professionals will do whatever it takes for the person to find the better half.

A very popular website known here and in other cities is The person can register online to be able to get alerts when and where the next event is taking place.

Another popular website is Unlike other websites, the individual is not required to become a member. There is a registration period to join the event and those who choose to pay ahead of time online or by phone will get a discount. is a 3 minute service, which allows people to make new friends. Some might think that it is very hard to make an impression given the limited time but it has worked for some making it also happen for the person. is also a website for speed daters to check out. The registration fee when compared with others on the web is much cheaper. This means the lonely heart out there can meet someone special without too much.

An interesting website which takes speed dating to the next level is This is because 6 strangers share a meal together in the hopes of getting to know each other better. Sometimes it is easier to concentrate in a smaller group than having 20 or more because it is hard to keep note of everyone in just a short period of time.

The various speed dating website conduct the event either in a bar or a café. Each participant will be given a rating sheet later on should he or she would like to go out with the other person on a real date.

Some of these dates will work out while others won’t. Since speed dating services have this on a regular basis, the individual can always go back and attend another one in the hopes of meeting someone much better.

The key to speed dating is looking presentable. This means wearing something nice and always putting on a big smile. Studies have shown that looking happy has an amazing effect on others which just goes to show that first impressions last.

During the conversation, the person should be honest and learn to be oneself the whole time. The individual may find the one on the opposite end interesting but should not feel bad if the other party does not feel the same. Maybe the other person was looking for something else which is a fact of life.

Speed dating in the city of Baltimore is not just for those who are looking for someone of the opposite sex. This is because event organizers also make time to help those who are looking for the same gender.

The person should take the time to fill up the profile and then put under preferences who he or she wants to meet.

Mars and Venus in Austin

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By , July 28, 2020 3:41 am

It’s true: men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men and women are worlds apart when it comes to thinking, feeling and doing things. This difference is highlighted most especially in the game of dating.

It has gotten harder and harder to find a nice date that won¡¯t end up really badly or at least end hopefully. Some dates seemed destined to fail from the start. To make matters worse, one may have to go through these several disaster dates before hitting the jackpot and finding someone we actually can click with.

The problem is, it often feels like hopeless optimism to think that you may ever find “the one” especially after your personal history of disaster dates. You’re also experienced enough to know a good date doesn’t always end up in the kind of relationship you hope to find. Perhaps the key is to just keep trying. After all, you will never succeed if you quit trying.

Perseverance and a positive outlook are all well and good. However, it is totally understandable for you to feel like giving up. Going on dates require a lot of effort. In fact, finding someone to date to begin with can already be daunting.

Going to a bar or the local hot spot may be the obvious choice but naturally, these places are saturated by other individuals who are on the prowl for dates. Aside from that, you’re not sure to find individuals with the same interests as you in the local date scouting scene. If you’ve run out of dating options and want to give the whole business a new go, why not try speed dating.

Yes you can take advantage of speed dating services right in your area. Find other singles in Austin and go on a speed date. Perhaps you feel that singles are a dying breed and there are none left in Austin. However, if you decide to sign up for a speed dating service, you might be surprised to find a lot of singles in the area for you to choose from.

Speeding dating in Austin is the same phenomenon happening the world over. Singles come together in one venue and everybody there gets to meet everybody else. Speed dating in Austin takes the hassle out of trying to figure out which venues will be the best place to find dates or at least meet someone interesting.

Plus, speed dating in Austin takes the guess work out of the dating game. Sometimes, when you meet someone interesting, it takes a few wonderful dates before you realize that he turns out to be married. With speed dating in Austin, you can have a lot of short dates in just one night where you can meet a lot of singles with your preferred demographic. If some dates during the whole speed dating event doesn’t go well, you have a lot more dates that night to make up for it.

If however, at the end of the evening you still come out empty handed, it’s no big deal. You didn’t really waste a lot time and you can do something as fun as that again another time. While dating can be a nightmare, speed dating, particularly for singles in Austin, can be just the thing the doctor prescribed.

Dating For English Singles The Brand New Way

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By , July 24, 2020 8:58 pm

UK has one of the most exciting speed dating events ever held. Speed dating has become somewhat of a building trend among people who belong in the singles scene. With UK being more open to such novel ideas, speed dating didn’t take long before it captured the imagination and was embraced by the date-hungry English singles.

Speed dating is a means of helping single guys and girls meet up with each other through a planned event. Speed dating hosts usually set up a party in one of the hippest or coolest bar locations for singles in the area. This speed dating party allows participating singles to gather together and take part in one of the most exciting and novel match making methods ever to hit the country ever since online dating was introduced.

Through a speed dating party, singles who usually take part are given their own identification numbers to help them be identified by other participating singles in the event. They are also given a piece of paper where they will be able to size up and assess other speed daters whom they will be meeting at the event.

The main area of the speed dating venue is usually set up as a succession of tables for two people. This is where the mini-dates are set. In such tables, two speed daters try to get to know each other better. But such meetings are set with time limits.

At the end of one mini-date, a speed dater gets up and moves on to another table to get to meet another speed dater and so on and so forth. This novel dating method allows speed daters to get to know as many compatible singles as possible without the inconvenience of making the other party on the table pleased.

The benefit of speed dating is that it allows single people to have as many dating options as possible after each event. What makes speed dating work is that the participants try to assess each speed dater they talked to and judge whether they are compatible with a certain speed dating participant. This assessment they can achieve by meeting a number of other speed daters. This gives them the opportunity to find compatible matches without having to concentrate on just one prospect.

Speed dating also allows participants to put the getting to know you phase of a date up a notch. Although it may not be considered as a normal date for some, speed dating allows people to have the chance of getting to know other singles before they ever commit to go on an actual date. This has proven to be a better method than going on blind dates which can sometimes end in disaster.

Speed dating can also help people get in touch with other dating singles in their area. Whether the participants find a date on such parties or not, it is always sure that they will be able to meet other singles whom they can hang out with. Speed dating events in the UK are steadily getting their own place in the consciousness of the singles in public.

Speed daters are somewhat keen on the idea that they have the chance to meet up with quite a number of prospect dates and with a good chance to hook up with someone that they are compatible with. In their eyes, speed dating is seen as a good opportunity to meet, talk, know and, in the process, find that one date that they have been looking for so long.

Speed Dating Getting Popular in Ottawa

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By , July 21, 2020 1:55 pm

Just like any other place in the world, Ottawa is joining the newest movement, the speed dating movement that is. Ever since speed dating started in 1998, it has become a phenomenon has spread pretty much like a brush fire. Singles in Ottawa are lining up speed dating events hoping to find the match they are looking for in their lives.

You’ll find in Ottawa various stylish speed dating and singles events services which cater to all age groups and points of interests. You’ll find dating services that offer personalized, invitation-only events. There are events happening every week. The more popular companies that offer speed dating services organize events twice a month. You’ll see bars and restaurants hosting weekly dating events which attest to how popular speed dating has become.

How does it work? Usually when you attend a speed dating event, you meet people of the opposite sex who belong in your preferred age group and who enjoy pretty much the same interests. Some organizers will arrange an event that caters to specific groups like those that enjoy more or less the same or related hobbies or interests. This increases the chance to meet someone that you will have a great chemistry with.

Commonly, mini-dates are arranged within the event wherein individuals have a chance to interact and converse for 3 to 8 minutes before they are instructed to move on with the next person until all of them had a chance to meet everyone on the event. Numbers will be given and will be matched by the organizers. Most of these events are not that expensive. Some events throw in complimentary drinks and food throughout the evening.

Because of the advent of the speed dating phenomenon, several studies have been conducted in an attempt to explain or quantify the various factors and components of speed dating. A recent study for example found that most people who join these events will likely make their choices within the first three seconds of meeting.

This re-emphasizes the importance of first impressions. And basically in speed dating, it’s all about first impressions. With less than 10 minutes to talk among themselves, participants will basically decide on who he or she thinks is the perfect match on first impressions alone.

There are already a lot of dating companies in Ottawa that offer speed dating and personalized dating services. Each one may have different rules or may have their own ways of doing things but the basic concept remains: arranging mini-dates in a timed setting in an attempt to find the person that matches one’s personality.

And just like any other dating services, Ottawa’s speed dating industry requires participant to pre-register. Usually, they could register through their online websites. Pre-payment is also preferred by event organizers. A number of organizers offer personalized events.

There are speed dating events for graduates only, for gays and lesbians and even for older men with younger women and vice versa. Organizers have arranged events for book lovers, ethnic events, music lovers, and even particular food lovers.

So if you’re single and looking for someone, go ahead and try these speed dating services. There are various websites in the internet that offer directories of speed dating companies as well as news on upcoming events. It would be wise to browse the internet for additional information.

A Perspective to a Life-long Commitment Over the Continent

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By , July 18, 2020 6:31 am

Speed dating is a modern approach of singles (including divorced, widowers, widows) regardless of genre, age, and status for even gays and lesbians merit considerations in this 21st century practice of meeting acquaintance, or would-be future partners in life.

Although, it objects likewise with that of the traditional type of mate-matching done so by ancient wealthy and royals of antiquity, beside that it has been practiced also in the orient by the Chinese as a part of their tradition, the present approach is very more liberal, for the people concerned in here have the opportunity to outstand to their choices and interests.

Speed dating of today matches and gives opportunity to interchange types, status, age and genre to such extent that it renders match-making of the olden days totally obsolete in make and perspective. Speed dating became popular in the United States after the introduction of the Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish Ha Torah; who, in his observations, the Jewish singles were outnumbered by the non-Jewish, and that they should meet each other in groups, in cities where single Jewish are fewer.

The practiced has evolved general acceptance and went across other borders, and continents, and became a recent global practice. Various places of interactions to promote the meeting of interested groups or individuals are open in clubs, restaurants, and other places of social venues where it is openly organized. It also became popular in the inter net where there are a lot o traffic visitors of the entire global network.

Speed dating has reached the continent of Canada. It is widely practiced in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. Up-market bars sponsor the meeting exclusively of singles (they specialized more on unmarried males/females), ages 20 to 35 years old who are more adaptive of their personal choices and interests.

A single individual could meet a group and decide his/her choice later, when it is more convenient and less awkward not to be so blunt in right-at the moment preference of one from the other. Speed dating tends to be fast, safe and full of fun when a group of singles from 8 to 12 in numbers meet in up market bars. The practice extends in such popular places specified above.

Don’t mistake it; speed dating is totally different from romanticizing. It has nothing to do with treating the event as a prospect for any sex relationship, although it could be a fun time for flirtations for both male and female who chance at meeting a number of people in 20s. There’s time for enjoyment with total strangers having different levels of interests and respective characters and choices.

Group encounters entails a three-minute chance to evaluate the person of your preference, and choice is to settle on whether you’d ever wish to pinpoint the person of your elect to forego with in lengthier relationship that would front a lead for a life-long commitment.

There’re adverse angle as regards to speed dating around this side of the continent. Addressed exclusively to ladies in two categories; namely, the lady singles who speed date for the first time; and, the sex oriented/experienced young females such as divorced, widows, and plain play-girls. The male may have a lot of expectations on them either the positive sex expectations, towards results of their encounters on either these types of ladies.

The other type male date is that without expectations towards out-right sex relationship. These are the most wholesome speed dates where a “good choice” is on hand.

Dating At the Speed Of Sound

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By , July 14, 2020 11:31 pm

The popular 8 minute speed dating event provides date-hungry singles with the opportunity to meet up with a number of prospective singles in just a night. The 8 minute speed dating event can also be a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way to meet up with other people looking for the same thing- a date. In every 8 minute speed dating event, you can enter into a room full of eligible singles who would want to meet someone just like you.

An enjoyable evening of conversation is always a part of the 8 minute speed dating event. There is never a dull moment when you are a more than willing participant in such an event. Every 8 minute speed dating event is set up to give the participating singles crowd with a chance to check each other out safely and in a comfortable venue- among other dating singles.

When you are at an 8 minute speed dating event, you are always guaranteed to find someone that will catch your eye. Each event is always great party that is not to be missed. With a roomful of single people out to meet you, you would surely be having the time of your life. The 8 minute speed dating brings the art of match making in to a whole new different level.

The event works by having willing singles register at an 8 minute speed dating event to become a participant. Registration is usually done by age groups and area where you’re in. A gathering of 20 or up to a hundred like minded singles is brought together at a restaurant or bar set up for such an event.

The participants are usually given time to meet and choose prospects during the mix and mingle periods. After this stage has been set, the participants are given the chance to meet up with 8 other singles of their choosing. They are given 8 minutes each to talk and know about the person they choose. After the 8 minute time limit, they go to one of the other prospects on their list.

After each participant has met with their prospects for the night, they are still allowed to mingle and meet up with other people they find interesting. And to keep everything safe and the atmosphere comfortable, the participants in the event are prohibited to give out their contact information to anyone they meet at the event. This will assure that everyone will feel safe to meet up with other singles without the obligation to give out certain personal information to other singles in the event.

What makes the 8 minute speed dating event click is that it allows singles to meet up live and in person. The group setting and the registration process that is required for all participants makes the event safer environment for people to meet up. The lively party setting makes the atmosphere ideal for singles to meet up.

The environment is comfortable enough for the singles crowd to let their hair hang out and have fun, all the while taking their chance to meet someone that they are compatible with. The 8 minute speed dating event can even increase your chances of making a run for love and possible long term companionship. Being a participant in an 8 minute speed dating event will make it easier for you to know someone who can bring some spark back into your life.

There’s More in Philadelphia Than Speed Dating

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By , July 11, 2020 4:39 pm

Are you having a hard time meeting new people? Why not try speed dating. Yup, you read it right, speed dating. While speed dating has been marketed as a means of finding that “special someone”, it is also a way for you to interact with people of the same age or with people who enjoys pretty much the same interests.

There’s more to speed dating than you think. Sometimes There are people who attend such dating events to talk and hang around with people their own age. These people are new to Philadelphia and want someone to talk to and maybe expand their friends list. But this is only a by-product of speed dating that’s why proponents and organizers of events don’t play this up much in their advertising campaigns. The focus of their marketing is on the single and dating community.

Speed dating does have a couple of advantages and is actually very beneficial for singles and those looking for someone. You can meet a large number of people in one event which makes it ideal for very busy persons who basically have no time to go on series of dates just to meet someone or for people who have very exclusive or limited social circles to go to.

Also, in this dating environment both men and women interact demolishing the age old tradition of men as the aggressor. The speed dating structure is also beneficial to shy individuals to want to be more out going and confident in meeting or talking with other people. The timed mini-dates will ensure that participants will not be stuck with people they don’t like.

And of course, participants in these dating events are guaranteed more or less to be single and looking for a serious relationship. Unlike in a bar or pub, you can never be sure. Speed dating is also cheaper too. You can have inexpensive multiple dates in just one night.

If you’re actually looking and have signed up for a speed dating event, then its best that you make yourself look good. It is quite unfortunate, however, that people will be basing who you are on mere first impressions. But with the limited time you have during speed dating, it is the first impressions that usually count.

In the first few minutes of your conversation with your partner, you’ll be able to tell if you like him or her based on the way he or she dresses, their voice, self-esteem, actions, mannerisms, accents, etc. But remember, by doing so, you only increase your chances of finding a match.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find the “one” though. When you do find a match, it will basically depend on the both of you to make it work. Only at this point will you be able to go beyond the first impressions that both of you exhibited during the first time you met in the speed dating event.

For people who are looking for a place to hang out and not particularly keen on bars and pubs, then speed dating could be for you. It will depend on the organizers of the dating event, but generally you’ll be meeting decent enough folks where you can have very reasonable conversations with.

Speed dating in Philadelphia has really become popular. People attribute this surge of popularity to the busyness of the daily lives of Philadelphians.

Speed dating questions

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By , July 8, 2020 9:58 am

It is hard to meet someone nowadays. Despite having bars and clubs all over the metropolis, it is hard to find someone who is looking for something really serious. And with today’s people all focus on their careers, most have no time to go around and meet new people.

One of the ways to meet new people fast and easy is through speed dating, which is rapidly gaining popularity since its beginnings in 1998 in Beverly Hills.

The concept of speed dating was actually thought of by a Rabbi who devised the system to help his community of believers to get to know each other and bond despite being in a large city, where the jewish population is next to nil. The concept clicked and become so successful that it has been incorporated into the dating scene.

Speed dating is actually quite simple. Men and women who are interested in finding potential partners or even activity partners will have to register with a speed dating organizer. Often, people who join the events are those who are seriously interested in forming lasting relationships with other people. Because of this, one can be sure that people in the group have good intentions. This is important especially when dealing with people who do not have the time to play games like the rest of the pack that are lounging in bars.

Participants in the speed dating event will then be given the opportunity to talk to each of the participants from the opposite sex. There will be a series of mini-dates that will last anywhere from 3 minutes to 8 minutes depending on the organizers of the speed dating event.

They can ask any question or talk about any topic that they want. Often, even in these few minutes, they will be able to know if their personalities will click or not. No one is allowed to give any contact numbers and other personal information until after each of the mini-dates.
After the event, they will then submit a list of names, who they want to get to know more and have contact even after the event. If the person one has chosen also chose them, a match is made and these people will then be given the opportunity to maintain contact through an exchange in phone numbers.

One way to break the ice among strangers is of course to ask questions that are relevant and pertinent. Often, the questions that you will be asking during speed dating will also help you determine if there is a chance for a match or not. This is how crucial questions in speed dating are. Below are some dos and don’ts in formulating questions during mini-speed dating dates.

1. Ask questions that they can answer and not just nod to. This means that you should be asking questions that will not allow them to answer you with either a yes or a no. Use open-ended questions. This is one way to determine if they are good conversationalists.

2. Don’t ask serious questions that are just too deep or too personal to answer. Save those questions when you really got to know the person or when you are out on a date after the event.

3. Ask for their interests. It may seem too clichéd but at least you will be able to find out if your interests will click or if you have similar ones.

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