Considering Culture and Christian Values in Speed Dating

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Speed dating has far reach the ends of developed countries and strategic cities where migrant’s in-flow abounds in all corners of the world’s metropolis in search for greener pastures. It is not surprising that the fusion of cultures raised at times differences when it comes to interactions especially in exchanging of marriage vows of various citizens with differences on spiritual approach in relation to religious adaptations, and practices.

The Christians whose foundation of the family is based in the belief that it should be centered upon their Savior Jesus Christ are cautious not to misguide their youth (male and female singles) that’ll lead them down to the pits of fire, “hell” (counterpart to the mythological Hades).

The global success of Speed Dating that is sweeping at present throughout the U.S., U.K, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and other famous cities has gained thru a lot of changes in a way, modern, to give each single person the opportunity to select a mate of his choice. It does not only refer to the consequences of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right, but in the sense of adjusting to each others values in terms of what his/her religion teaches.

Christian speed dating looks just like any other normal speed dating wherein the event is fun, no pressures, no pains, no fears, with no more than light expectations not to give up until you find the right person you’d push thru for another date.

How it Works for the Christians Singles (young or elderly)

1. When you arrive at the venue, you’ll be told to fill-up data forms, that includes your contact details.
2. Seats are provided, one side for the females, and the other for the male daters.
3. Daters (guys) move at random, and have three minutes to see each, and move on to the others. By the time you reach the last speed dater, you’ll know by then the number that stands out as your preference.
4. This finalizes the forms with emphasis of choices, accomplished and submitted to the venue committee.
5. Confirmed selection in the forms proceed to giving of contact to each matched pairs in preparations for further speed dating schedules for them to pursue subsequent dates for personal interests.

The Christians ways to seat dates other than speed dating take Blind dates, pen pals, solicited relationships, and marriages for convenience; also, work out for chance prospecting in relationships with strangers, not necessarily belonging to the same religion. It’s more of a one on one case, at times successful, provided there is a focus on the similarities of values in upbringing.

Possibilities happen not only in one country, but trans-continental. The sad thing, in some of these cases, due to selfish motives of some negative minds, tragedies happen in the course of time during the couple’s life if eventually, they passed thru to marriage stage. It doesn’t happen in telltales, but are “real” happenings, that passed on global news updates. For selfish ends, the woman usually as a generally discriminated individual of the human genre, is a victim commodity on insurance policy ends of the male, causing him to put a tragic action against this innocent counterpart.

Bottom-line, the best down to earth prospecting for a mate is to enter into some of the most wholesome venues around in Speed Dating. It is by far, the most convenient and safe for you’ll be ushered to select from many, then you’d run down to one chosen partner based on clean atmosphere and motives.

Speed dating, a new fad to watch

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By , June 25, 2020 5:52 am

With people too busy to go around the social scenes and meet new people, more and more innovative ideas on dating are being conceptualized. One of the newest ways to meet new people and possibly meet a new love is through speed dating.

Although the concept is actually not so new anymore in western countries, having been practiced for years now; it is enjoying popularity just now. Perhaps, this is because the idea of speed dating is more viable and much more needed now than before.

Speed dating, to those who are still clueless about the system, is a matchmaking process wherein people will meet and have a chance to talk for a short period of time. Often, people who join speed dating events are those who are also on the lookout for potential partners and relationships. This way, all people in the event know that everybody is serious about the dating process.

History speaking

Speed dating has its origins in the idea of Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah. He devised this way of dating for Jewish singles to meet each other and bond when in large cities such as New York where non-jews outnumber them. In fact, speeddating as a single word is a trademark that Aish has been using for his projects. The two-word speed dating phrase is a term used for other events with similar slant.

The first ever speed dating event happened in Beverly Hills in the late 1998. Because of good reviews, it became a commercial success and rapidly spread all throughout the United States. By the turn of he millennium, speed dating has become a by word in social circles especially after being portrayed in glamour shows like Sex and the City.

The process of speed dating

Speed dating start off with men and women on each side of the room. Each of these people will be given the chance to talk to the every member of the opposite sex in a series of short minute dates where they can talk about anything they want.

Often, the short dates will last from about three minutes to eight minutes depending on the organizer of the speed dating. These minutes are neither short nor long for people. Remember that you have to also take into consideration the discomfort that people who barely know each other will feel when forced to talk to each other. During the small talks, no one is allowed to give any numbers or other information apart from the names and other things that are not so personal.

After everyone has talked to everybody, the organizers will then ask the participants to submit to the organizers the list of people that they really like and would like to get to know more. These people are the ones they consent to give their number to. If the person one wants to get to know, also wants to get to know them, a match is made. Numbers will then be given to each one and it is up to them to set up their own dates so that they can get to know each other.

Speed dating, however is not done for free and to ensure that everybody in the event is legitimate, preregistration is encouraged. However, there are event organizers who allow walk ins to join the party. When you go to these events, make sure that the organizers are already established.

The Cultural Morale Behind Jewish Speed Dating

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The impact of Jewish speed dating after its introduction by the Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish Ha Torah is so tremendous that at present it excels beyond the bounds of just the basic necessity when it was at the start conceptualized by the Rabbi for reasons of inter-friendship or mate selection between the Jewish singles to non-Jewish young male and female groups around United States.

It was due to the outnumbered members of Jewish singles that the Jewish Rabbi thought of promoting the scheme on interrelationships thru fun, convenient, exciting, and stress-free planned search for an acquaintance or life mate.

The Jewish Speed dating is a social gathering of group of singles in one organized social environment ushered to the great advantage of interacting with each other by means of interchanging dates between males and females; effective in choosing future mate-types, each, within a specified minutes conversation encounters.

Usually, it takes seven to twenty people to get thru joyous meetings with one another in one single setting during one period of time. The atmosphere of fun is worth the efforts in planning and organizing, and each one has a chance to meet a quality partner-to-be from among similar age group of professional levels.

The cultural moral value level in Jewish speed dating is characterized by the duly monitored conversations of each one, that last a minimum of around seven minutes per encounter of opposite sex couples. It denotes wholesome meetings, no more than merely shaking of the hands, and such interactions give way to seek for repeat dates, and sounds successful by the turn of events later.

Statistics or simple account show that each year, a good result of around several pairs, a number of 50% from among registered speed dates come up with mutual interests of each other’s partners that in some cases result in engagements, or marriages.

How Jewish Speed Dating Considers a Compatible-wise Subsequent Date

During the intermingling of dates, each pair is allowed around 7 minutes for conversation and chance to see and know each other. During the pair’s meetings, each one has a chance to evaluate a mate of his/her choice, and at the moment if the couple considers each other in terms of future option to arrange for a second meeting, they will secretly agree with each other, then will pose to write “yes” or “no” in each other’s registration paper, and go on to the next male or female speed date.

After which, if registrations show that certain couples agree altogether to arrange for a next meeting, because their “yes” signals did matched, they’ll be advised thru e-mail or phone within a period of two days after the speed dating. The matched couple will be provided with phone numbers for them to have a chance where, and when to meet each other.

Speed dating encourages encounters of several times until each one finds Miss and Mr. Right. A great number of at times 80% request for repeat dates. Jewish speed dating takes every possible means to work on a balance ratio on both men and women in their every date settings.

Although, there is no much guarantee in assurance of a perfect balanced ratio, the date providers open new schedules; or rather, if it can’t be resolved, a refund of the payment is its last recourse. It is so, during uneventful circumstances due to bad weather conditions, and consequences exceptional in nature, payments will all be refunded in good faith.

Speed Dating in Los Angeles, California

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By , June 18, 2020 3:33 pm

California is home to a lot of things. There is Hollywood where most of the films are made as well as Silicon Valley where some of the top computer companies in the world are based.

Given that the city of Los Angeles is always bustling with something new, one of the events it has that happens regularly is speed dating. This is where singles are able to mingle with others in the hopes of building a network or finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

There are various websites on the web that can make this happen. The person should just search for it using one of the major search engines for these to appear and then be selected.

The speed dating sites may require the person to register in order to receive information. This includes how much is the entrance fee and when and where this will take place. One example is

This website allows people to view the profiles of others so the person does not have to wait until the scheduled speed dating event. The individual will exert some effort making this happen or wait till the organizers put it together.

Another unique way of getting to know someone in the group is called The organizers will get a party of six with similar interests in the hopes that something will develop within the group. There is no time pressure here unlike those of other speed dating services which happens in less than a few minutes.

Those who choose to participate don’t even have to share a meal but instead choose to do something together like camping out and then see what happens next.

Speed dating is not just for those who have never been married. This is because the organizers have also made it possible for single parents to find true love. A good example of this is the website called

The event allows the single parents to find someone who is open to the idea of maybe having a relationship with someone who already has kids. is a very popular speed dating service based in New York with branches all across the country including California. The individual will be able to meet people in various bars and cafes which are very cozy to hopefully meet someone.

Here are a few tips before going to the speed dating event. It will be a good idea to be there at least 15 to 30 minutes before the event. Latecomers will not be allowed to participate which will also give the person some time to look around.

It will also be a good idea to dress well and be honest when having a conversation because the individual only has a few minutes to leave a lasting impression. After the session, the person should take note whether anyone in the group is worth seeing on a date.

This will also be done by the other participants and this is only fair since everyone came here for the same thing which is to hopefully meet someone through the speed dating service.

If by chance, that individual doesn’t get matched up with anyone, there will always be another one the week after. After all, there are many who are in the same situation looking for the other half.

Speed Dating in the City of Boston

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Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is home to some of the most prestigious schools and is not far from the nation’s capital namely in Washington.

Despite the busy schedules of the people who work in the offices, there are those who are seeking more than just a fat paycheck at the end of the month. These people are also looking for someone else that money cannot buy which is love.

The best way to make this happen if the individual does not have time to socialize in bars or in parties is through a speed dating service. There are various websites to choose from with the same objective of helping the individual find someone who can be considered as the better half.

One of the more popular websites known throughout the country is The person has to register first in order to become a member and then try to create a good impression in the few minutes allotted before moving on.

Those who believe in love and believe cupid is not far way can check out The person does not have to pay a fee or register in order to become a member. The computer user can visit the website to know when and where it will take place then register for the event.

Unlike other websites, this one has an early bird plan which will save the person a few dollars by paying ahead of time either by phone or online.

Some people think it is impossible to do anything in three minutes but it can be done. This is what promises to the participants especially when there are more than 20 people during each event.

The individual may not remember everyone but a few words and a great smile is sometimes all that it takes to check on that person’s name to have a more appropriate date.

Love moves in mysterious ways which is exactly what the website has to offer. People will have to pay $20 to become a member which is cheaper than other sites that could really help in finding someone special or use it as a bridge to build a bigger network.

Sometimes, a few minutes more is all that it takes to catch the eye of another person. This is what offers which is longer than any of the speed dating services.

A popular bar or a café is the usual venue of the speed dating event. The registration fee is to pay for the reservation of the venue which is sometimes inclusive of one free drink. The person can stay for awhile after to talk longer with other people. After all, it is not everyday that the employee decides to get off work early so it will be a good idea to maximize the time there.

People who have a hard time meeting people of the same or opposite sex should try speed dating. There is a saying that goes, ” the person will never know how it is unless one has tried it,” so there is no harm in taking a chance.

The individual may not meet someone during the first session but there is a possibility something different will happen in the next one that could be the beginning of something amazing.

When You Need the Service of Speed

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By , June 12, 2020 1:48 am

In this hectic, busy lifestyle that runs the modern world, what’s a modern single individual to do to find romance and love? Dating is the usual answer to this dilemma. However, traditional dating costs a lot of effort and time. You will need to invest a lot of yourself just to prospect dates in the first place. This investment in time and resources may not necessarily be the most efficient way to spice up your life with romance and love.

First of all, you really may not have the time to waste. You have your career, health, and other activities that you already need to juggle. Try as you might, finding time for a traditional dating game may be close to impossible.

Even if you do find the time, your date prospecting may end up so badly that you will be wary of trying it out another time.

For instance, the problem with the usual places that people go to, to find dates is that it is usual. This means, you will always see the same people and none of them may have the qualities and characteristics you are looking for.

Before you get hopeless and depressed, consider this: speed dating. There are now a lot of organizations that offers speed dating service for individuals who simply don’t want to have to waste too much time trying to find the right venue and enough singles to choose from.

The Internet gives us instant information, our microwaves cook our food instantly, and mobile phones keep us in touch with others in real time. Why do we have to go through countless of hours and nights of single dates that may not end in the way we want it to.

There must be a way to speed up the process of prospecting, dating and going into a relationship without having to waste precious time. The answer to this really is speed dating.

Finding the right speed dating service to suit your needs and requirements may be the key to adding romance and love into your life. The first step to take in this endeavor is to find a speed dating service that offers these events in your area. This way, you can meet other singles in your area that you may otherwise not bump into. This increases the chances of you meeting that special someone.

Next, find a speed dating service that offers special targeted events. For instance, you can avail of a speed dating service for gays, older women or men, doctors, lawyers, and other special considerations you may have. This way, you’re sure that the speed dating service takes the guesswork out of your hands. In a traditional dating hotspot, you may have trouble finding other singles with the particular demographic you want. Furthermore, you can never be sure if the person you are considering for a date is even single. The speed dating service provider ensures that all participants are single so you can rest assured in this.

Speed dating continues to gain popularity and this means that more and more singles will be using this service. Say goodbye to traditional dating and join a speed dating service that will help you speed up the process of finding someone interesting enough to go out with and perhaps settle down with.

Fun-full Progressive Party Dates

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By , June 8, 2020 6:52 pm

Speed dating in Columbus Ohio depicts endless commitment to seek the true side of man‘s sensuality, and the need to captivate it thru endless effort in search of partners-to-be from among the many open clubs, bars, restaurants, and other party organizers within the Ohio metro areas.

Speed dating is open to all singles, unmarried parents with children, gays and lesbians, male and female of all ages for as long as there are counterparts that would match them up in parties designed for particular meeting of groups, or individuals to meet rows; or more, in one single night of fun-filled parties.

A two to three-hour rendezvous in specified place set as a “Progressive Party” for people who wish to capture the moment of fun, ease, convenience, pressure-free, and liberal minded approach to couples’ know-each-other dates, every minute holds a vital factor in deciding the best choice of a mate. This way, to re-establish a second date for the sake of getting to know more of each other in preparation for a final plunge on quick engagements for marriage are prime purpose, and never turned at stake.

In Columbus Ohio, parties of this kind takes a different manner when it concerns to seeing and conversing with the prospective partner; afar from other states, it limits to three- minute time for meeting and talking, just enough to look into each couples eyes viewing considerations of acceptance to any further progress in relationships. That’s how Progressive Parties are formed about, a pattern-perspective for advanced relationship, if there’d be any.

Why Speed Dating in Columbus Ohio

1. One has already met someone, but seeks to know him/her better.
2. A serious and deeper feeling of love and affection has been developed that objects minutes of happy bonding.
3. You wish to go somewhere, but would rather go with somebody, other than the usual sex-friend, to relax, not in a way unfaithful, shifting a sense of monotony, or for a momentary change of interests and atmosphere without any detrimental effect against somebody else’s concern.

Progressive Parties Running Popular In Northern Ohio

Signing in a Progressive Date, you are obliged to present as valid identification, a driver’s license, and interacting will start from each across respective tables. The daters take around three-minute talk just enough to understand each other, or evaluate whether one encounter deserves chance for further dates.

Men turn over to the left and the ladies remain in their original places. One date takes to another in a row up until 15, the ladies allowed to meet some 2 to 3 male counterparts with total of 30 daters, after which if the 15th is reached, a break of 15 minutes will follow. Drinks are allowed while consuming the time; and after, to continue in getting through with the remaining 15 daters. To keep a balance in the number of men and women who dates, the Progressive Party allows standbys of 2 to 3.

If they will not be able to have a chance to participate and perform during the night, payments are not charged. The event will end by getting the lists of accomplished questionnaires on who agreed together for another speed date. An email message will reach them within 48 hours, and they will be provided with telephone or e-mail address, so they could arrange on further dates, this time, to know each other more for deeper commitments.

New York Dating via Express

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By , June 5, 2020 12:19 pm

If you’re single and feeling adventurous, why not try the latest trend in dating: speed dating. Speed dating is an exciting way for you to meet new people in New York. Who knows, you might even meet your soul mate or even “the one” that you’ve been looking for all your life.

Speed dating is formalized matchmaking the idea of which is for you to be able to meet and interact with a large number of new people. What happens in a speed dating event is that men and women are paired together over a series of mini dates. These short dates only last for a few minutes.

Normally organizers of the event provide participants with certain guidelines and sometimes they provide cue questions which they could their partners. These questions serve as guides to facilitate the flow of conversation. But participants are pretty much free to talk about anything. At the end of each mini date, the organizers will signal the partners to change partners by ringing a bell.

Exchanging of contact information is forbidden during the actual date but afterwards you will give to the organizers the name or names of the person(s) you want to have your contact information. The organizers will try and look if they found a match. If there is one, they will provide both parties the contact information and will let nature takes its course.

More often than not, entries to speed dating events require pre-registration and pre-payment of the registration fees. Events like these commonly take place in a nice place such as a nice restaurant or even a great, cozy bar. The atmosphere will depend on the organizers of the event. The event could have a formal, casual or party setting.

Some praises speed dating saying that it is a far better place to meet new people than in bars and clubs. One doesn’t have to think of pick-up lines just to introduce one’s self. This is really a very daunting task for some. With the speed dating structure, men and women are partnered and forced to talk to each other. Sure the time is short, but it does give the guy or girl an opportunity to talk to someone he or she likes.

The speed dating environment is also less noisy than those of bars and clubs. In speed dating, you and your partner will have a better environment to have a good conversation compared to clubs where the music is always roaring and constant interruptions from people.

Also, with speed dating you are at least assured of meeting people who are actually single and who are actually looking for a relationship. In bars and clubs, you can never really tell if the guy or girl is single and looking.

If you’re new in New York, speed dating is a good way to expand your very limited social circles. You can get to meet and make new friends in speed dating events, most of whom will be your age and share similar or closely similar interests.

It’s like attending a party where everyone doesn’t know each other. Surprising as it seems, speed dating doesn’t purely involve flirting with the opposite sex. There are actual and worthy conversations that take place in such events. It’s really based on how you handle the conversation and how you would handle your partner.

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