Heartbroken Songs

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By , May 31, 2015 5:28 am

If you just got dumped and you are feeling blue, there are many who have felt just like you. Some of the greatest bands have put these sentiments to song. Here are my top 10 heartbroken songs.

1.) Heartbreaker by Led Zeplin. With lyrics like “Here I am alone and blue/Some people cry and some people die/By the wicked ways of love” how could this NOT be one of the best heartbroken songs around?

2.) Could’ve Been by Tiffany. The song starts off “The flowers you gave me/are just about to die / when I think about / what could’ve been / it makes me want to cry” And gets sappier from there. One of the great heartbroken songs.

3.) How Can you Mend a Broken Heart by the Bee Gees. The chorus sums up the classic heartbreak song, “And how can you mend a broken heart? / How can you stop the rain from falling down? / How can you stop the sun from shining? / What makes the world go round? / How can you mend a this broken man?”

4.) You’re Breaking My Heart, You’re Tearing It Apart by Nillson. Perhaps one of the crasser heartbroken songs, this one has lyrics that say, “You won’t boogaloo/Run down to Tramps, have a dance or two, ooohhh/You’re breakin’ my heart, / You’re tearing it apart but f*** you

5.) Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. You can’t help but feel the heartache expressed in the chorus: “Here I am, once again / I’m torn into pieces / Can’t deny it, can’t pretend / Just thought you were the one / Broken up, deep inside / But you won’t get to see the tears I cry / Behind these hazel eyes

6.) My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Not only are the words to this song full of heartbreak, Dion’s vocals convey the sentiment. The lyrics include: “Love was when I loved you / One true time I hold to / In my life we’ll always go on”

7.) Don’t Cry by Guns ‘n Roses. Perhaps the classic break up song was sung by Axl Rose and the gang. “Give me a whisper / And give me a sigh / Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye / Don’t you take it so hard now / And please don’t take it so bad / I’ll still be thinkin’ of you / And the times we had…baby”

8.) Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. A surprisingly peppy song for such a sad topic. “You can go your own way / Go your own way / You an call it / Another lonely day / You can go your own way / Go your own way”

9.) Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxon. Heartbroken songs can’t be summed up much better than the title of this Braxon tune. “Don’t leave me in all this pain / Don’t leave me out in the rain / Come back and bring back my smile / Come and take these tears away

10.) Love Song by The Cure “However far away I will always love you / However long I stay I will always love you / Whatever words I say I will always love you / I will always
love you” Whatever else happens, once you’ve been in love, there is a part of you that will always belong to your ex.

And those are my top 10 heartbroken songs.

Article 5 and Conclusion In This Series of Articles on A Nice Guy

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Jerks Protect their Self Esteem

When a nice guy gets rejected by a girl, it often sends him down a spiral of depression. His self esteem hits rock bottom. If he is at a bar or a party, he withdraws for the rest of the night and doesn’t see that there are a number of other attractive women available to approach.

The Jerk, on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from this problem. Because he safeguards his self esteem viciously, he doesn’t allow rejection to get him down. Remember, Jerks are jerks. They completely ignore rejection. They even go so far as to ridicule other people in an attempt to make themselves feel important.

Because they guard their self esteem in this way, they can continue to pursue their goals. They don’t fall into the funk of depression.
Keep in mind that a man with high self esteem is always more attractive to a woman than a depressed loser is. So, if one rejection turns you into a wall flower, you are most likely going to go home alone.

Nice guys can’t take rejection personally. Just because a particular girl isn’t into you, it doesn’t mean that you are not an appealing catch. It simply means that one girl isn’t right for you. So, keep looking for one who is. Don’t stop until you find her.

Rejection is difficult for nice guys to deal with. They put themselves on the line and take it personally when someone doesn’t respond. But you have to keep a positive outlook. Instead of thinking you lost that particular girl, try to see it as having eliminated a girl who would have wasted your time.

You don’t have to ridicule or bad mouth others to feel good about yourself. You don’t have to turn into a Jerk yourself. But, you should protect your self esteem as strongly as possible. That is what keeps you in the game.

Picking up women is a numbers game. The more women you meet, the more likely it is that you will find one who likes you. Jerks are successful because they are tenacious. They play the numbers.

Whereas a nice guy might meet one or two women in an evening, a Jerk will hit up 20. The law of numbers says that you have a much bigger likelihood of ending up in bed with someone if there is a bigger pool to draw from.

Jerks Don’t Feel That They Have to ‘Buy’ The Ladies

Remember that a basic premise of being a Jerk is that the ladies love him. If they don’t there is something wrong with them. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on their dates. Jerks don’t feel a need to wine and dine their dates.

Similarly, you should not feel like a first date has to be an event to remember. Many nice guys stress out about creating the perfect date. This is to mask their insecurity. They go over the top by selecting four star restaurants or securing tickets to big name acts.

Instead, consider going out on the kinds of cheap dates where you can really get to know a woman. Go to the zoo, a museum, or play miniature gold. When you take the pressure off, you will find that women are much more responsive to you.

Now that You Know

Now that you know what makes a Jerk successful with the ladies, you can model the traits that bring women to Jerks without becoming a Jerk yourself.

If you can begin to approach a number of beautiful women in a flirtatious manner while letting them know that you are interested in more than being friends, you can get a girl. If you can strengthen your ego so that one rejection does not keep you from approaching additional women, you’ll find a lady.

Remember that you have a lot to offer women. That is why you have a lot of girl friends. But, if you want to have a girlfriend, you have to package yourself in such a way that lets them know that you are desirable.

Your problem isn’t your personality or your nice guy status. It’s all in how you initially approach women. If you can master the art of the approach, you will be able to score a lot more and find a woman to settle down into a long term relationship with.

Nice guys can finish first. But in order to get the girl, you have got to demonstrate the confidence and easy going nature that the Jerk has.

How Can I Save My Marriage A Six Step Approach

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By , May 27, 2015 3:50 pm

If you are wondering how can I save my marriage, you need to read every word in this article. You are probably confused and frustrated right now. You may instinctively lash out. But this would be the wrong thing to do. If you are wondering how can I save my marriage, you need to follow this six step approach.

Saving a marriage that seems to have failed takes courage, determination, perseverance and patience. It also takes a lot of love.

But, when problems have cropped up in the marriage, it may take more than just love to heal the rift. You should know that repairing the damage done in a relationship is easier said than done. But remember that being straightforward and honest go a long way in making the marriage work again.

So, to keep harmony in your marriage and avoid divorce, you need to do the following six things.

1. Try putting yourself in your spouse’s shoes when problems arise. Think about things from his or her perspective. If you are having yet another blow up about the dishes not being done after breakfast, think about how busy her schedule is in the morning. Or, if he doesn’t seem to be at home for dinner most of the time, take into consideration that he may be working extra hours at the office to get a pay raise to help support the family better.

2. How can I save my marriage? Stop the blame game. Marriage is a two way street and every situation has had a contribution from both partners. Before you blame your spouse, look at the things you may have contributed to the problem. When you stop blaming one another, you avoid planting the seeds in an already hurt relationship.

3. Deal with your own issues. Too many times, a spouse will project their own problems onto their husband or wife. If you have issues of your own, get counseling and work through them. Don’t take them out on the one you love.

4. Say “thank you” more. Focus on all of the things your partner does right rather than what he or she does wrong. Any time you find yourself criticizing, come up with two reasons to thank them within one hour. When you are in the wrong, be big enough to say you’re sorry.

5. How can I save my marriage? Make your spouse’s life easier in any way you can. There are too many demands on people’s times these days. Take some time to help your partner to relax by doing small things that let him or her know they are being cared for.

6. Build bonds whenever you can. Look for activities, interests, and hobbies that you can enjoy doing together. When you can build bonds through activities, it can help get you through a rocky stage of the relationship. You can also build bonds by taking a couples only vacation. Whether this is a two week trip to Europe or a night at a local campground, the experience of getting away alone can also strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

If you are wondering how can I save my marriage, follow this six step plan.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back This Week

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By , May 25, 2015 8:51 pm

When you’re trying to get your ex boyfriend back, while a cooling-off period can do you both a lot of good, you don’t want to wait too long. Once the memories of all the good times you had together start to fade or he meets another woman, you may have lost him for good. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here’s a step-by-step plan to get your ex boyfriend back fast.

Assess why he left

When you first met, you were both on your best behavior and a lot more tolerant of each other’s quirks. But be honest, after you got more comfortable with each other you weren’t so perfect all the time, were you? Maybe you started to take him for granted or you got a little pushy now and then. Before you can get your ex boyfriend back for good, you need to know what made him leave in the first place.

Fix problems on your end

Once you know what went wrong, you need to find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s easy to blame his annoying habits or lack of communication skills for any tensions between you two, but ultimately you are responsible for your reactions to whatever he does. You’ll either have to find a better way to deal with whatever he did that irritated you or decide maybe he wasn’t the right guy for you after all.

Plan your first contact

So, hopefully you haven’t already called him a dozen times and sent six emails titled “Please reply, I can’t live without you.” If you have, the rest of this article may not help you. If not, though, you still have the option of carefully planning how you’re going to get to see him again. Stay away from pathetic excuses and go for something fun and casual like inviting him out with him out with some of your friends to do something the two of you used to enjoy doing together.

Be open and flexible

Once you do get to talk to him, let him do the complaining and you do the listening. That doesn’t mean you should give in to all his demands, but at least hear him out before you jump in with your own opinions.

Remember, even if they weren’t obvious to you, he had good reasons to leave. If you’re going to be a couple again, you’ll need to do some compromising. One good tactic to get him to open up is to ask if he’d be willing to tell you what he felt went wrong in the relationship so you can learn from your mistakes.

You can probably get your ex boyfriend back a lot sooner than you think, but you need to have a proven plan to follow. Some of the free tips online may just backfire on you and make the split permanent. When you choose a proven plan designed by an experienced relationship counselor, though, you can not only get your ex boyfriend back, you can do it without any stress and drama.

Sexy Older Women Dating Younger Men – Cougars Abound

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By , May 24, 2015 1:32 am

There is a current trend of older women dating younger men. The popular term for such women is “cougars.” Celebrity women who have reached a certain age are finding happiness with younger guys. Demi Moore is perhaps the leading example of this trend as she married Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years her junior. Madonna was married to Guy Richie (10 years younger) and when she split with him, she hooked up with Alex Rodriguez (15 years younger.)

Older women find younger men appealing for several reasons. Cougars tend to be successful career women. They have high level executive positions in major firms or own their own businesses. Many men their own age are threatened by their successes. Younger men, who were raised in a more egalitarian era, are likely to be supportive of the women in their lives.

Older women dating younger men also point to their partner’s youthful outlook on life. These men aren’t jaded about things like their older counterparts are.

Then there is the sex. Women peak sexually in their late 30s and into their 40s while men reach their greatest performance levels at age 19 and then decline. Many women feel that they missed out on something when they were younger and more inexperienced. The sexual prowess of a younger man is quite attractive to many women in their 30s and 40s.

But, the older women dating younger men trend works both ways. Many younger men find dating an older woman to be very rewarding.

Part of the attraction is certainly sexual. A mature woman knows her body. She knows what pleases her and she is not afraid to take the lead in the bedroom. Guys find this confidence to be quite the turn on.

Young men who date financially secure older women are also more likely to be able to chart their own path in terms of a career. There is less pressure to make money now when a woman can foot some of the bills. Many men dating cougars have found that they can return to graduate school or start a business – risks that wouldn’t be possible if they were dating women their own age.

Men are also likely to appreciate that older women are more emotionally mature and less needy. There is quite a bit less drama in a older women dating younger men relationship. After a fight, an older woman is less likely to call her sister or her best friend to rehash the experience. She’ll likely go to bed and tell her boyfriend they can discuss it in the morning.

One of the challenges in these cougar relationships is over fertility. An older women usually either already has children or doesn’t want them. Many of these relationships break up because the man wants the chance to be a father. If you can weather that storm, the relationships tend to be unusually strong.

Because of societal trends, the older women dating younger men movement is not likely to go away any time soon.

Aries As A Boyfriend-Your Sign May Play A Factor

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By , May 22, 2015 6:02 am

Are you considering getting into a relationship with an Aries? There are somethings you need to know about having an Aries as a boyfriend. The first thing is that an Aries personality can be aggressive in nature. This is not always a bad thing. You can be aggressive and not be abusive.

Aries are strong-willed and can be very blunt when it comes to keeping things moving in the right direction. Your Aries as a boyfriend will have a zest for life and you will get caught up in it and be influenced by it. Make sure you have the energy to keep up with them or they may just leave you in their dust.

Their enthusiasm for everything makes them achieve more than most and they make great friends who will be there for you when you need them. But, they can also be rather selfish at times and insist on having things their own way or not at all.

Their passion for everything includes their relationships, they love fiercely and deeply and are proud of it. You would be very lucky to be loved by an Aries. My sister is an Aries and she and her husband have a great relationship.

You might want to check first to see if your sign is compatible with an Aries. This will be a great guide for you to know whether or not the two of you will get a long and not butt heads all of the time. If you are a Taurus you will be the best match for an Aries.

A Taurus will complement an Aries in ways that are deep and meaningful. A Taurus can appreciate the the enthusiastic passion that an Aries projects and an Aries appreciates the down to earth nature of a Taurus.

Aries needs a strong personality, like a Taurus, that can match them step for step every day and not get frustrated. A Taurus and an Aries together in a relationship will bring out the best in each other. The other side of this is, when they have a disagreement, it will be like setting off fireworks or a stick of dynamite. That passion sometimes needs to explode out and then they can get back to business as usual.

There are other signs that will be compatible with an Aries, as well. If you are not a Taurus just do some research and consult an astrological chart to see where you fit. A Pisces may not be such a good match because Pisceans are relatively introverted and sensitive. The outgoing nature of an Aries may have a hard time dealing with the Piscean tendency to stick close to home.

Do not just use the chart to make your decision on who to date though, everyone is different and anyone can make or break a relationship. It all depends on how you were raised and what type of an adult you have turned out to be. Make your decision to take an Aries as a boyfriend by how you initially get along and see where it goes from there.

Desire-Force at the Center of the Law of Attraction – Law of Attraction Classics: WW Atkinson

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By , May 20, 2015 11:47 am


What do you know about the forces which make the Law of Attraction work? W.W. Atkinson wrote in the early 1900’s about this exact point – and explains what you should know to really put the Law of Attraction to work in your life. Need more money, better health, greater personal power? Read on…

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You can do little by yourself in Life, be you ever so strong and able. Life is a complex thing, and individuals are interdependent upon each other for the doings of things.
One Individual, segregated from all the other Individuals, could accomplish little or nothing along the lines of outer activity.

He must form combinations, arrangements, harmonies and agreements with others, and in accordance with environments and things, that is, he must create and use the proper environments and things, and draw to himself others with whom he must form combinations, in order to do things.

And these persons, things and environments come to him — and he to them — by reason of this great Law of Attraction.

And the way he sets into operation this great Law of Attraction is by the operation of his Desire, and along the lines of Mental Imagery. Do you see the connection now? So be careful to form, cultivate and manifest the right Desires –hold to them firmly, strongly and constantly, and you will set into operation this great Law, which forms an important part of the Secret of Success.

Desire-Force is the motive power leading the activities of Life. It is the basic vital power, which animates the minds of living things and urges them forth to action.

Without strong Desire no one accomplishes anything worthy of the name — and the greater the desire the greater will be the amount of energy generated and manifested, everything else being equal.

That is to say, that given a dozen men of equal intellect, physical health and mental activity — equal in everything else except Desire, in short, the ones in whom the greatest Desire resides and is manifested will outstrip the others in attainment — and of these winners the one in who Desire burns like an unquenchable flame will be the one who will Master the others by the force of his primitive elementary power.

Not only does Desire give to the man that inward motive which leads to the enfoldment of the power within himself, but it does more than this; it causes to radiate from him the finer and more subtle mental and vital forces of his nature, which, flowing forth in all directions like the magnetic waves from the magnet, or the electric waves from the dynamo, influencing all who come within the field of force. Desire-Force is a real, active, effective force of Nature, and serves to attract, draw and bring to a center that which is in line with the nature of the Desire.

The much talked of Law of Attraction, of which so much is heard in Mental Science and the New Thought, depends largely upon the force and power of Desire. Desire- Force is at the center of the Law of Attraction. There is a tendency in Nature to attract and draw to the center of a Desire the things which are needed to fulfill that Desire. One’s “own will come to him” by reason of his natural force, which lies behind and underneath the entire phenomena of Mental Influence.

This being so, does it not become at once apparent why one who wishes to accomplish anything should be sure to create a strong Desire for it, and at the same time be sure to acquire the art of Visualization so as to form a clear Mental Picture of the thing Desired — a clear mold in which the materialized reality may manifest? Have you ever come in contact with any of the great men of modern business life?

If you have seen these people in action, you will have become conscious of a subtle, mysterious something about them — a something that you could actually feel — a something that seemed to draw you to fit in to their schemes, plans, and desires almost by an irresistible force. These people are all people of the strongest kind of Desire — their Desire-Force manifests strongly and affects those with whom they come in contact.

Not only this, but their Desire-Force flows from them in great waves, which occultists inform us soon manifests a circular, or whirlpool- like motion, swung round and around the center of the Desire — these men become actual cyclones of Desire into which nearly everything that comes within its sweep is affected and swept into the vortex. Have we not evidences of this in the cases of all the great leaders of men — can we not see the operation of that mighty law of attraction which brings to them their own?

We are apt to call this Will- Power, and so it is in a way, back and under the Will in such cases is to be found the ardent, burning Desire that is the motive force of the attractive power.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Married Women

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By , May 18, 2015 4:53 pm

Fifteen percent of married ladies play the field. That means 45 million American females are available for an “on the side” relationship. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of dating married women?

One of the first things that you will find when dating married women is that you’ll get some of the best sex in the world. Women willing to have an affair aren’t looking for love or romance. They want a physical outlet. Because they are committed to the sexual, not emotional, aspects of the relationship, you will probably find this is the best sex you’ll ever have.

There is also an element of secrecy when you are dating married women that adds a certain touch of spice to the relationship. Perhaps you will meet at a motel at lunchtime or go away for the weekend. However you meet, there will be an element of “getting away with it” that adds a certain luster to the event.

Further, because this relationship is about sex and the married woman you are dating is not free to really get involved with you, the relationship will not have the emotional entanglements that other types of dating relationships have. The woman will not expect you to get involved in the details or dramas of her life. In fact, the opposite is true. The more you know, the more she risks being found out. So, she is likely to keep your affair compartmentalized.

When you are dating married women, you will not have to invest a lot of money in the relationship. Aside from the costs of a cheap motel, you will not have the normal dating expenses. You can’t take her to a restaurant as she may be seen by someone she knows. And, you can’t buy her gifts and jewelry because her husband would be suspicious.

One final advantage to dating married women is that single women may find you more attractive. After all, if a married woman is willing to risk her marriage for you, you must be something special. You’ve got the whole “alpha male” thing working for you.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages in dating married women as well.

One is that your partner’s husband may find out about the affair. If this happens, there are a whole range of possibilities. He could insist that she end the affair abruptly. She could find herself facing divorce. And, in rare cases, husbands have been known to commit violence against their straying wives and their partners.

Another problem is that you fall in love with the woman with whom you are having the affair. If she is not in a position to leave her husband, you may end up heartbroken.

Finally, there is the moral dimension to consider. It is rare to see a woman for any length of time and not develop some emotional attachment to her. If you are dating married women, you run the risk of breaking up a family. What started as a casual affair might end up having lifelong consequences for your friend’s children.

When you meet a woman who wants to have an illicit affair, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages to dating married women.

You May Just Have To Accept A Breakup

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By , May 16, 2015 9:07 pm

The breakup of a relationship, especially one that has been serious and long term, can be devastating. It gets even worse if you never saw it coming and you weren’t the one that wanted the breakup. You may be in shock at first, then angry and heartbroken. This will lead to crying, screaming, name calling and maybe even throwing things. Most people that don’t want a relationship to end won’t take it well and will not be amenable to letting go of this partner easily.
While it’s a fact that many couples reconcile after a breakup, it also depends on the reason for that breakup as to whether or not this happens. For instance, if the breakup was because of a silly argument, once someone apologizes, the relationship will probably get right back on track. These couples will probably enjoy a lovely makeup session and their relationship will become stronger than ever. Other couples argue as a matter of course so they’re always breaking up and getting back together. This may not make any sense to other people, but it does happen and works for them. They thrive on the drama.
If the relationship ended because of boredom on the part of one partner, there may be a way to reignite the spark that got them together in the first place. Make more time for each other and do fun things together. Go on a long weekend getaway that will give you time to be only with each other and reconnect. Sometimes these couples can revisit the things that once caused them to be excited to see each other and be together. Don’t let routine become an enemy of your relationship. Keep it new and fresh if you want to prevent it from dying a death of boredom.
There’s one reason for a breakup that just may mean that you have to accept it as being the end. That’s when your partner has fallen in love with someone else. This does happen even when you feel that the two of you were made for each other. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen to you in all of your relationships. It can mean that the two of you weren’t meant to be together forever. If your relationship was meant to be happily ever after, your partner would not have fallen for someone else. That may be hard to swallow, but it’s something that you must consider. In addition, if your partner left you for someone else, please don’t embarrass yourself by turning to drastic measures to get him back. They won’t work and you’ll only succeed in humiliating yourself and scaring other people.
Sometimes, in spite of the pain, you’ll just have to accept that your relationship is over and that your partner is now an ex. Do what you need to do in order to move on with your life. This is the only thing that will allow you to be able to find someone else; the person that you are meant to be with.

Shes In the Army Now Dating Service Women

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By , May 15, 2015 2:38 am

When you say “soldier” a picture of a fit and ready man comes to mind. But almost 15 percent of the U.S. armed forces are now women. So, in many cases, when you think about military personnel, a female soldier should come to mind. Because there now so many females in the military, there is an issue about dating service women.

Dating service women presents challenges that aren’t there when you are dating a civilian. She has obligations that her non-military sisters don’t have. For instance, she could suddenly be deployed to a war zone. She is also likely to be moved from base to base every couple of years. So dating service women means being prepared to follow their careers and support them when they need it.

If you are going to be dating service women, you need to know that although she is in a masculine profession (the military), she still wants to be treated like a lady. She’s “one of the boys” in her work life. She wants to be all female when she is with you.

You also need to invest time learning about the military in general and her specialty specifically. This means learning the acronyms that she spouts off at the drop of a hat. This is the way she communicates, and you need to be part of that.

You should also know something about military culture. Military law governs every aspect of a service woman‘s life. No business can tell you that you can lose your job because of the person you date or put you in jail for something you did in your off hours. But, the military “owns” the enlisted person or officer. When dating service women, get to know the culture and the specific challenges they face.

There are times when you make plans with your girlfriend and she suddenly has to drop whatever it is you are doing and report to base. It doesn’t matter whether the event is really important to you. She has no choice in whether to go to your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary if she is called up on an emergency drill.

She will need you to keep her motivated. The military is still not a gender neutral place. If her career is important to her, you need to support her as she moves up the chain of command.

When dating a military woman, it is important that you support her decision to be part of the Armed Services. You may not agree with everything the military does, but she made the decision before she met you to be a part of serving her country. Unless she’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, she doesn’t have much control about military or foreign policy. Just as you wish she would be supportive of your work, you have to realize that her career is important to her.

There are many challenges in dating a service woman. But, when you fall in love with a military woman, you know a lot of things about her already. For instance, she fits into a larger organization. She’s physically fit. She pays attention to details. She is probably quite loyal and dependable. And, she knows what patriotism and love of country are. You could do a lot worse than dating service women.

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