I Didnt Know What He Is

By , August 1, 2015 10:51 pm

With so many various ways to meet men these days, it’s not all that surprising that some of those men turn out to be a lot less than the first impressions they give the women they’re interested in. Lots of these women even go on to marry men that they fully believe are loving, caring and all around good men. When some of these men turn out to be, not only dangerous but criminals as well, most of their partners never saw anything out of the ordinary.
The scary thing is that many notorious serial killers had wives and families that never suspected a thing. It took Ted Bundy’s girlfriend quite a while to reach the conclusion that something wasn’t quite right with her boyfriend and that she needed to speak to the police. The BTK killer, Dennis Rader had been an upstanding citizen in his community and his church with a wife and children for years. No one caught on to anything. Gary Ridgeway, the infamous Green River Killer, had several girlfriends and three wives during his lifetime before he was apprehended.
That’s not meant to frighten you away from ever meeting new men. Actually, the chances of you getting romantically involved with a dangerous predator of this kind are very slim. It’s only meant to show you that if you’ve chosen “bad” men in the past, it’s not a reflection on you or your taste in men. Most of these men are QUITE good at hiding what they really are from their families as well as any potential or active partners. So, if you’ve been involved with a man like this or you are now involved with one, don’t blame yourself for your bad judgment.
While there are some signs that many men to be avoided give off, those signs are either not present in the very beginning of a relationship or they’re so minimal that you just don’t notice them. Keep in mind that these men are predators of a different sort, and predators typically know how to disguise their true selves from those close to them. That’s why it’s important to show extra caution in this new technological dating era.
One thing that many women are doing before hooking up with new men is having them investigated. This is much easier and less expensive to do than it was years ago. You no longer have to hire a licensed private investigator to do your checking for you. It’s now possible to go through a reputable online site that will dig up anything questionable on someone. Once you have the information on your potential date, it’s up to you to decide if you want to risk it or not.
Another way to insure your safety until you’re confident that the man you’re meeting isn’t dangerous is to keep personal details about yourself from him. Don’t even give out your cell phone number to him. You want to be sure there’s no way he can find you unless you want him to. It’s just always better to take all the precautions that you can.

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