Compassion Means Just As Much As Passion

By , March 29, 2015 12:37 pm

It’s amazing just how many selfish and self-centered people there are in the world today. This is a fact that’s never clearer than when you are in a relationship with one of them. That’s right; that person that was once the love of your life turns out to be one of the most non-compassionate individuals you’ve ever laid your eyes on. The only thing that may come as a bigger shock to people is when they’ve got a partner that cheats on them because that’s something else that most people never see coming until it’s staring them in the face.
Passion is a major factor when it comes to romantic relationships. There have been many relationships that have simply fizzled out due to the lack of passion within it. So, yes, passion is vital in any relationship that hopes to have a prayer of making it. On the other hand, compassion means just as much in a relationship as passion. This is a word that means you and your partner have the ability to care about how each of you feel when it comes to events that happen in life.
For example, suppose that you and your partner have been planning to attend this huge Super Bowl party for over a month. Then, on the morning of the big day, you wake up with a raging fever, cough, and laryngitis. You’re so weak from the fever that you can barely move let alone get up and fix yourself some honey tea and toast. Now, a COMPASSIONATE partner would make sure that you stay put right in bed where you need to be. Then, he goes to the kitchen, brews your honey tea and serves it to you in bed. He makes a quick check of the medicine cabinet to see what he needs to buy from the drugstore for you, makes sure you’re all settled, and then goes off to load up on flu and cold remedies.
By the time he returns home, it’s getting very close to the time of the party. You tell him that he should go anyway even though you’re sick. A COMPASSIONATE partner will insist on skipping the party in favor of staying at home and looking after you. It’s not like you just have the sniffles. He wants to be sure that you’re well cared for, get plenty of fluids without having to fix them yourself, and that he’s close by in case you get worse.
A self-centered and selfish partner will gather up whatever flu medications you have on hand and put them on your nightstand with a cup of water that he poured from the bathroom sink. If all you’ve got is ibuprofen, that’s what he’ll put on your nightstand. He’ll sleep right up to about an hour before he’s due at the party, shower, get dressed, and off he’ll go. You could die while he’s gone and he wouldn’t know until he’s returned.
It’s pretty simple to see why compassion is vital to a successful relationship. There has to be caring involved. If there isn’t, then you’re truly wasting your time and need to move on.

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