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By , February 1, 2015 11:06 pm

When you first get together with someone, everything comes up roses. Your love life is, literally, full of fireworks. As you begin to settle into the relationship, you may find that you enjoy the companionship, but miss the excitement of the first days. While you can be new to each other all over again, there are things that you can do to keep the romance alive.

Keep things in the bedroom exciting

It is easy to fall into a sexual rut. In the early phase of a relationship, sex is hot. As you settle into the relationship, it may become routine. But, it’s not difficult to revive your sex life – and it’s a lot of fun!

One complaint is that you always use the same positions. Get out the Karma Sutra (or just the Joy of Sex) and see if some acrobatics doesn’t get the blood flowing again.

If you have a routine where you always have sex at the same time (wash your face, brush your teeth, have sex…), try mixing up the time a little. Have sex in the morning. Meet for a lunch time quickie. The memories of the unusual timing when you had sex will make the standard times even more enthralling.

Similarly, if you have an erotic desire at an “inconvenient time,” fulfill it. Drag her to bed when she’s in the middle of doing dishes. If he gets some food on his face, lick it off. See where it leads.

Don’t let sex fall into a routine. Take turns being the giver and the receiver. Use massage to let hands wander where they normally wouldn’t. And use both verbal and non-verbal cues to let your partner know when they’ve done something different that you like.

Have sex anywhere but the bedroom for a month. You will find the excitement of the taboo makes your relationship tick again. Even having sex in a different room of your house will shake things up.

Make a point of taking showers together a couple of times a week. While you may or may not end up having stand up sex, there is something erotic about washing each other and caring for each other. A very romantic alternative is to take a bubble bath together.

Another tip to keep romance alive is to go to bed at the same time. Many times, one partner likes to stay up later than the other. But the time right before you go to sleep is excellent for pillow talk which keeps you emotionally connected. You are also more likely to have sex if you are both in the same room at the same time!

If you have really fallen into a rut, skip sex for a while. You could even try “Kosher Sex” where there is no touching between men and women for two weeks a month. By the time you get back into bed together, you’re ready!

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